Rock'n'Roll (Not iTunes, but Amazon!)

Where would rock'n'roll be had Baby Boomers not resisted and fought the establishment? (Remember when you could see a Grateful Dead show for only $5.00?) It certainly would not be on iTunes. And until now, iTunes had all but come synonymous with rock'n'roll music here in the early 21st century--but no longer.

iTunes probably has a case of the blues today. That is because Amazon.com has opened its own music store, Amazon.com MP3 beta. Where Apple typically sells DRM-protected songs, Amazon is offering DRM-free MP3s at prices lower than iTunes. That means your music is no longer tethered to an iPod! (Hurray!!!) Yes, the times are a'changing.

Pull out your MP3 players and read more here...

New York Times coverage of the story can be found here.

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