Grandma on Facebook & MySpace? Say it ain't so!

Just in case you were wondering, Web 2.0 is not leaving baby boomers or more mature adults entirely behind. This article points out that older internet users do not use the much ballyhooed and younger-targeted social sites, but do frequent and enjoy their own social networking sites. Even better, they tend to be more "sticky" and not subject to the whims of every change. Sites for baby boomers and the more mature include Eons.com and Rezoom.com.

As noted in the article:

These sites aim to create more comfortable, albeit less “hip,” environments in which older generations will feel safe discussing issues that are of concern to an older audience, like retirement, aging, and health concerns. If baby boomer-oriented networks achieve even a fraction of the boomer population, they have the potential to eclipse youth-oriented social networks like Facebook, by providing advertising opportunities for companies that have until now felt social networking to be beyond the scope of their target market.

However, the article's author doesn't really believe baby boomers and older internet users will ever have their potential impact on the internet. What?! How old is that guy? Maybe he should remember that we're the ones who invented the internet! I was very likely using IBM punch cards and early PCs (e.g., Apple II) before he was even born. Jeesh, kids.

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