There is no question that music leaves its mark on every generation. That arguably applies to Baby Boomers more than any other cohort in history. However, it can sometimes be difficult finding the music to which we listened, and still wish to hear.

An exception might be what is now called "classic rock" and the radio stations that play it. So what's the beat-seeking Boomer to do? Thanks to the technology of the present, the music of our past is only a keyboard away.

Available online is BoomerRadio.com, and it's free. There you will find everything from the smooth pop jazz of George Benson to the iconic Beatles, the delicious voice and music of Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane, and of course Motown. Yes, all of that and much more.

This site gets the full endorsement of The Boomer Beat. Listen and enjoy. Currently playing for The Boomer Beat is BoomerRadio's Vintage Rock station.

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