The Perspectives Project

Excerpted from the press release:

The Perspectives Project, part of SocialMaturity.com, is an outreach program designed to enable those of boomer age and beyond to preserve their stories online for younger generations. The Perspectives Project encourages [the posting of] videos that are informative about life in the early to mid 20th century.

Unlike FaceBook, MySpace and YouTube, videos of television shows, commercials, dogs on skateboards, and mattress fights will not be included. While the subject matter of the videos will vary from tragic to humorous, the presentation will be that of a parent or grandparent telling a story to their child or grandchild - a story that will add perspective to understanding life in the 21st century.

The project is open to all [of the right age] who care to participate whether or not they are members of SocialMaturity.com. SocialMaturity.com is a free social networking website designed for those of the baby boomer generation and older.

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